1.4.5 Update is here!

MsLizzy a posted Feb 13, 18

Our server got another amazing update!


 * Fixed bug with kits

 * Updated spawn

 * Currently working in Private Worlds

(You will be able to get your own Minecraft world that ONLY you and your friends can access! You will also be able to choose from a wide variety of custom worlds to play on)

Staff Request

MsLizzy a posted Feb 1, 18

As you may know, our server is growing fast and we get more and more players every day so we need more staff to help those new players. You can apply as many times as you want to join our staff team. All you need to do is to register on our website and create your application! The chances that you get accepted are very high as we need a lot of staff members. Good luck and thanks for your time!

Submit your application here:

v1.4 Update is here!

MsLizzy a posted Jan 28, 18

Our biggest update EVER is finally here, and it's awesome!

+ Added Kingdoms

+ Added hourly rewards

+ Added Professions

+ Added music and radio (/music)

+ Added player shops (/market)

+ Got Advanced DDOS Protection

+ Added Gallery on website

+ Added preview gifs for kits in the store

+ Added one more vote link

+ Added /nether & /end

+ Added portal to the outer islands of the End

 * Updated ALL donator kits

 * Updated chat format

 * Fixed all known bugs

 * Fixed vote links

 * Updated website

 * Improved server's performance

- Removed friends (Just the command everything else is the same)

- Removed clans (Replaced by Kingdoms)


We already started working on adding more and better treasures so please be patient 

Weekly Update

MsLizzy a posted Jan 28, 18

We work hard every day to make our server a better place for everyone. In the last 2 weeks, our server got 3 major updates and lots of bugs fixed thanks to you! We need your ideas and suggestions to make our server even better. You can always contact us through our support page or our forums. Don't forget that you can join our staff team by applying on our forums! You can also get credit points to spend on the store by reporting bugs on the support page

Thank you for your amazing support!

Our server got another HUGE update!

+ Added 25 Ranks

+ Added Classes (/class)

+ Added Warps (/warp)

+ Added Custom Items (More Info)

 * Updated Treasures

 * Fixed Gold Bug

 * Updated Voting Rewards

 * Improved Server Performance

Our server is becoming bigger! We reached a total of 17 players online at a time! We also get more than 5 new players every day!

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