This tutorial should help you learn the basics of our server

You will start on a huge island in the middle of nowhere where can relax. You won't be able to build or do anything else rather than exploring the island. To start your adventure just type in chat /play. You will be teleported to the normal world where you can do anything you want. If you die there you will go to hell. A dark place full of enemy mobs and monsters. That's the real challenge. You have to survive and live in that dimension (If you can) as much as you want or you can just type /play and go back to the normal world.

Our server has more than 5 unique dimensions that you can explore and live in, although it won't be very easy to visit them all. You will have to create custom portals with rare materials. Some dimensions don't even have day or night, wood, animals and ores.

You can get amazing treasures by mining or cutting down trees. You can then open those treasures to get Legendary, Rare or common items.

You can protect your land using a Golden Shovel to keep it safe from other players or mobs as raiding and griefing is allowed. Keep in mind that you might not be able to claim land in some dimensions.

Right from the beginning, you can choose your class. There are more than 10 unique classes with a total of 50+ abilities and levels. After choosing a class you can complete /quests, level up and get EPIC rewards.