v1.4 Update is here!

By MsLizzy a - Posted Jan 28, 18

Our biggest update EVER is finally here, and it's awesome!

+ Added Kingdoms

+ Added hourly rewards

+ Added Professions

+ Added music and radio (/music)

+ Added player shops (/market)

+ Got Advanced DDOS Protection

+ Added Gallery on website

+ Added preview gifs for kits in the store

+ Added one more vote link

+ Added /nether & /end

+ Added portal to the outer islands of the End

 * Updated ALL donator kits

 * Updated chat format

 * Fixed all known bugs

 * Fixed vote links

 * Updated website

 * Improved server's performance

- Removed friends (Just the command everything else is the same)

- Removed clans (Replaced by Kingdoms)


We already started working on adding more and better treasures so please be patient 

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MsLizzy   published v1.4 Update is here! on News
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